The world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship

It all started in 2011. After operating repurposed surgical ships for more than 40 years, Mercy Ships decided it was time. Time to bring a new dream to life. Time to impact more people than ever.

It was time to construct the organization’s first purpose-built hospital ship from scratch. This vessel would become the world’s largest civilian hospital ship.

Meet the Global Mercy. After a decade of planning, construction, and collaboration from donors and partners around the globe, the Global Mercy is more than just a dream. She’s a 174-meter, 37,000-ton hospital ship – and she’s almost ready to serve in Africa for the first time. As a floating hospital and training center with the capacity for 950 people on board, she’ll be the site of life-transforming surgery for hundreds of thousands of people in her lifespan.

People just like 4-year-old Mansare. Growing up in Guinea with a condition known as bowed legs, he’d always found it difficult to walk, let alone run or play. Walking a short distance down the street was exhausting. But a complicated and expensive surgery was out of the question.

When Mansare received surgery on board a Mercy Ships vessel, it was the first time he’d ever seen his legs straight. After completing his physiotherapy program, Mansare was up and running with a big smile on his face. He was ready to explore, play, and go back to school.

There’s a vast population with limitless potential who are hopeful for healing. With the addition of the Global Mercy, Mercy Ships will be able to help many more people like Mansare.

Come on board

Before she sails to Africa, the Global Mercy will dock for two weeks in the Port of Rotterdam. This is your opportunity to visit this historic new ship for yourself!

From February 26 to March 14, you’re invited to come on board and walk the very journey that patients like Mansare will soon take. Whether you choose to join in person, virtually, or a bit of both, you’ll experience something special as you’re guided seamlessly on a journey through the Global Mercy and her people 

The Global Mercy is a dream a decade in the making… and finally, the adventure is about to begin. This is your time to be a part of history.

Key facts


Filtering & treating AC condensate water for technical use will reduce potable water use by approximately 50%


Ship systems provide reliable and efficient power, clean water, and air conditioning for the hospital and crew


High efficiency air conditioning systems reduce total energy consumption by approximately 15%

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The Global Mercy will further the mission of Mercy Ships: to come alongside countries with fragile healthcare systems, striving to make healthcare accessible for all.  

With the addition of the Global Mercy, Mercy Ships will be able to do more in each area of specialty: 

  • More life-changing, life-saving surgical procedures such as cleft-lip and palate repair, cataract removal, orthopedic, facial reconstruction, burn contracture release, pediatric, general, and obstetric fistula repair. 
  • More dental procedures. 
  • More training for local professionals in anesthesiology, surgery, nursing, biomedical, sterile processing, trauma, and leadership, who then train many others. 
  • More teaching for local people in basic healthcare. 
  • More infrastructure development projects. 

The simulation lab onboard the Global Mercy will allow trainers to simulate local conditions and limitations in order to teach best practices in low-resource environments. Training opportunities include:

• Post-op scenario training for nursing teams
• Surgical technical teams basic skills training
• Basic surgical skills training to prepare trainees for live surgical experience
• Live surgical mentoring in selected high demand, elective procedures

Over 40% of the world’s population lives within 100 miles of a port city. Through floating hospital ships, Mercy Ships can provide a safe surgical environment to reach the most people along the West African coast. By providing life-saving surgery and life-changing medical training, Mercy Ships helps strengthen Africa’s healthcare systems while leaving a lasting legacy. 

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